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WIN a ‘Trick ‘r Treat’ Coffee Table Book and Blu-ray Pack!

With Halloween only two days away, one of the best giveaways we could possible present to you would be related to Michael Dougherty’s incredible Trick ‘r Treat, a new horror anthology that’s now available on both DVD and Blu-ray from Warner Premiere. In addition, the incredible coffee table book is available and a perfect compliment for the super fans out there. BEyond the break you can see how to enter and win a pack containing BOTH!

Trick ‘r Treat: Tales of Mayhem, Mystery, and Mischief

Trick ‘r Treat delves into the four stories that make up the feature film, Trick ‘r Treat releasing in October 2009. The book reflects Dougherty’s personal take on the filmmaking process, details how the ideas and art came together, and presents it with exclusive special features in a unique format. The genre encompasses drama, horror, thriller…mixed with a good dose of twisted humor.

Set in a small suburban town, Trick ‘r Treat explores Halloween traditions while following a group of people trying to survive the most terrifying night of the year. From a serial killer who specializes in poisoning candy; to a group of mischievous kids who unearth their town’s dark secret; to a young woman hunted by masked stalker at the local festival; to a cantankerous old hermit confronted by a demonic trick-or-treater, the film is filled with horrifying surprises, nervous laughs and strange creatures of every variety–human or otherwise.

The atmosphere Dougherty creates on film mirrors the flavor of his art–whimsical, yet eerie. It seems welcoming from a distance, but the closer you look, the more you see the twisted, dark side of Dougherty’s mind. Dougherty’s third-grade teacher once remarked on a report card that his behavior exhibited “early evidence of what may be an extraordinary morbid ingenuity.” Years later, his drawings and doodles of the youthful, eerily pumpkin-headed character, Sam–a kind of ghost of Halloweens past–along with a number of other creepy, unforgettable characters, have made it to the big screen. There, Dougherty’s art and storytelling promise to take a fresh twist. At the launch of his career he’s already got a loyal following eagerly awaiting his next spooky project.

How to Enter:

Want to win one of two prize packs containing both the TRICK ‘R TREAT hardcover book and Blu-ray movie? All you have to do is put TRICK BOOK in the subject line and then send me a private message with the following info: YOUR FULL NAME, ADDRESS and WHY YOU WANT THIS BOOK.

Winners chosen at random on November 2nd.

Trick `r Treat is available NOW on Blu-ray, DVD, On Demand & Digital Download



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