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Method Man Gets His Tools for ‘Mortician 3D’

Shooting starts November 16th in Louisiana for Belladonna and Stealth Media’s The Mortician 3D, which will be helmed by Gareth Maxwell Roberts from his own screenplay. The redemption tale in which kindness triumphs over cruelty falls within the urban noir, contemporary fairy tale and psychological thriller genres. Method Man (The Wackness, How High, Garden State) and Angelic Zambrana (Fighting) both star with Tom Hardy (Bronson, RocknRolla, Mad Max 4) and Edward Furlong (Night of the Demons) in talks. Read on for the skinny.
From Belladonna (Rene Bastian, Linda Moran and Adam Folk), the producers who brought you hit indie films such as Transamerica, Funny Games, The Caller and The Good Guy, in association with Molinare, Film and Music Entertainment Ltd and Full Circle Films (Rhys Thomas, Gareth Maxwell Roberts) producers of the award-winning Kill Kill Faster Faster, comes The Mortician 3D a gritty, urban drama in the style of David Fincher’s Seven.

The film is a co-production between UK based Full Circle Films and Belladonna Productions in New York.

Rhys Thomas left the world of corporate finance to set up Full Circle Films in 2005. He has a track record of putting together successful equity funds and will use this expertise to develop the Full Circle Films brand.

The Mortician 3D is the first UK independent film to be shot in digital 3D. Gareth’s aim for The Mortician 3D is that the audience will have an almost holographic experience, helping them to feel immersed in the film and its characters. This genre of film-making has not been attempted using the new stereoscopic 3D technology.

The film will be shot for a budget of



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