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New ‘Texas Chainsaw’ Details, Gore Verbinski TV Series?!

With the Sundance Film Festival a month away, we caught up with HIGH School co-writer Stephen Susco who chatted with BD about the comedic thriller over at my official blog. During the chat, Susco revealed some new info on the forthcoming Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D film that he’s currently penning. “I can’t comment about it at this point – but I can say that it’s neither a remake nor a re-imagining.” That should get you guys thinking. In addition, he revealed that he’s penning a TV series for Gore Verbinksi. “One of the projects I’m most excited by is a TV show I’m developing with Gore Verbinski’s company (Blindwink). It’s really creepy stuff, a feast for genre fans.” Click the link above or below for the full interview.



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