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Horrorfest ’10: Official One Sheet for ‘The Reeds’

One of the higher caliber flicks in this year’s After Dark Horrorfest is Nick Cohen’s The Reeds, a thriller we’ve been covering pretty heavy here on Bloody Disgusting since November. Beyond the break you’ll find the official one sheet for the flick arriving in limited theaters on January 29. In The Reeds, a weekend boating trip through the Norfolk Broads becomes a deadly ordeal for six 20-something year old friends who lose their bearings in the vast reedy tidewaters. Chances of escape and hopes for survival diminish as inexplicable forces terrorize the lost and terrified group. Also playing in this year’s “8 Films to Die For”: The Graves, Dread, Lake Mungo, ZMD, The Final and Hidden.
The Reeds



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