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‘Fright Night’ Vampires to be a Uber-Violent Killers

The remake of Tom Holland’s classic 80’s vamp Fright Night has been in development for jeez, I don’t even remember how long now. The idea of remaking a movie so unique to the actors, time and random cheese is retarded to me, especially because no matter what you do you can’t recreate the original. Thankfully, DreamWorks is looking to make their own interpretation of the violent vampire flick that sounds like it’s be a remake in name only (because, you know, everyone knows about Fright Night). Below you can see what producer Michael De Luca has to say about it.
And with Fright Night, with all the romantic vampire stuff going on with The Vampire Diaries and True Blood and Twilight, the most obvious,” De Luca tells Collider.

We thought it would be interesting if, in this atmosphere of the way the vampire is being portrayed right now as a romantic object, under the wire of all that in the culture the real thing moves in next door. And the real thing is a killer. Just a predator. It’s the shark from Jaws. On the outside it’s a seductive package and it looks like a human being, but it’s just about ripping your throat out and drinking your blood. And introducing that kind of vampire into the current environment.



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