Album Review: The Birthday Massacre 'Imaginary Monsters EP' - Bloody Disgusting
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Album Review: The Birthday Massacre ‘Imaginary Monsters EP’



Reviewing an EP is a bit difficult, especially when there are only three new tracks and the rest of the album consists of remixes. However, when it comes to a band like The Birthday Massacre, who has not only been remixed often but also does remixes, things become more interesting. So enters Imaginary Monsters, the band’s third EP. How does this EP stand? Check out after the jump!

Let’s tackle each new song before moving onto the remixes, shall we? The first track, Forever, makes me wonder if The Birthday Massacre might just be The Cure of today, only a bit heavier at times. There is a beautiful melancholy hovering over this 80’s influenced track and deliciously emo lyrics but in the good way. Overall, it is a very strong track and a great way to kick off the EP. Second is Burn Away, a solid song but not one that really stands out for me. The third new song is Left Behind, a short but sweet track that is almost entirely synth and seems to be placed as a way to mark the end of the original tracks and the beginning of the remixes. 
The remixes build in intensity as they go along. For those of you who are looking for something more mellow and relaxed, start with the first two remixes. Personally, I found the Combichrist remix of Shallow Grave and the SKOLD remix of Pins And Needles to be the most interesting and exciting. 
The Final Word: With fresh inventive takes on tracks from Pins Needles and three very solid original tracks, this is a great EP to whet your appetite until a new The Birthday Massacre album comes out.