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New ‘Jurassic Park’ Trilogy Drops the Army Warfare

Gun toting dinosaurs? I’ll pass, and thankfully so will Universal Pictures. While out promoting The Wolfman, Jurassic Park III director joe Johnston revealed to Hitfix that they’ve scrapped original plans for Jurassic Park IV and are moving in a new direction — only it’s gonna be awhile before the park re-opens for business. Read on for the skinny on this new trilogy.
We have,” Johnston tels Hitfix when asked about taking Jurassic Park IV in a new direction. “There is an idea now for number four that is different from the first three, and that is more or less the beginning of a new trilogy, in that it sends the whole franchise off in a new direction. It’s not about the dinosaur park anymore. It’s about all-new characters. So Steven’s busy right now with the stuff he’s doing and I’ve got to do “Captain America,” but hopefully afterwards, we’ll find time to develop it. And really… it’s something different that we haven’t seen before in the “Jurassic Park” world.

I would do anything to get that same feeling I had when I saw the first Jurassic Park in theaters. With the technology boost (thanks to Avatar) and the new found popularity in 3-D, I don’t see any reason a new JP couldn’t be groundbreaking all over again.

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