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Joe Johnston on “Enhanced” ‘The Wolfman’ Finale

For those fo you always looking forward to the extra features on the DVD and Blu-ray release, here’s a little something that might end up on the discs for Universal Pictures’ The Wolfman. Yes, it’s well known that there were reshoots, additional shooting and multiple edits of the remake, but little it known as to exactly what it was. In a new interview with director Joe Johnston, he reveals that there were in fact multiple endings shot — or as he likes to say, “enhanced” endings.
Johnston insists they didn’t shoot a new ending – rather they enhanced what was there.

There were two versions of the ending [that] involved the fate of the Wolfman,” he recalls to Timeout. “When we went back to shoot the new stuff, we enhanced one, because our suspicion was it was going to be the more dynamic ending. So we shot new stuff for that, the B version, which is now the version in the film.

It was two versions of an ending,” he clarifies. “One was where one character died, and in the other version, the other character died. After our first preview it was clear we wanted the ending to go one way. We extended it, made it more rewarding.

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