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‘Sauna’ Director Teams with ‘Splice’ Writer for ‘Human’ Spin on Werewolf Genre

I’m pretty sure I hate this idea: AJ (Antti-Jussi) Annila and Doug Taylor’s Human offers a twist on the traditional werewolf story, with the main character turning from a wolf into a human. How uneventful. Given the Sundance buzz surrounding Splice‘s finale, a script by Taylor, maybe he’s got some ideas on how to make this just as controversial? Vancouver’s Perfect Circle Productions will serve as co-producers with Blind Spot Pictures. Annila, best known for horror film Sauna (which I absolutely despise), commented: “With Human I expect to do a totally different kind of werewolf film, so don’t expect anything familiar to this sub-genre.” I DARE YOU.
I’m going in reverseeee.”



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