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Diary of a ‘Muckman’, Part 5

Straight from the keyboard of renowned horror director and special effects artist Brett Piper comes the latest news about his upcoming creature feature MUCKMAN… if you’re a fan of yesteryear’s ruthless rubbersuit rascals such as SLITHIS, SWAMP THING or THE CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON, I’m sure you’re gonna love good ol’ Muckie as well…

Mark and I have been plugging along on Muckman, finishing the trailer, refining the editing, etc. You might be interested to know we finally saw the stop motion footage and it looks pretty good. I’ll add some stills to my homepage when I can but my own computer is down so right now I have no way to get the pictures off it. Last Saturday we shot some inserts of a nasty little creature hatching from a gelatinous egg. The shots came out great but the computer we’re editing on is getting pretty cantankerous so we’re having a hard time doing the composites. Still we press onward!

On another note, I’ve been writing what may be our next movie. It’s a real throwback to fifties sci-fi adventure with people encountering stop-motion mutants in a lost valley. I’ve also started building the puppets. Again, stills will be coming ASAP!” (Brett Piper/March ’10)

If you’re curious now and would like to find out more about the shoot, please go to YouTube and check out Mark Polonia’s behind-the-scenes footage from the MUCKMAN set. It’s really cool and good fun to watch.



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