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Spend ‘A Night With Adam Green’

If you’re an Adam Green fan living in the Los Angeles area, prepare for an early Christmas. On March 18th, at the New Beverly Cinema, Green will take a break from editing the long awaited Hatchet 2 and join cast members (including Kane Hodder) to introduce a screening of their latest film Frozen and talk about its production. But wait – there’s more! Not only will Green also be screening some of his hilarious shorts (the epic “Jack Chop”, perhaps?), but he will also show his first film Coffee & Donuts, which has not been shown publicly for over a decade! A comedy shot for 400 dollars, the film has never been released for distribution, and it’s a good chance that this may be the only time it ever shows in a movie theater, if at all. Tickets are on sale now HERE, get them ASAP as this show WILL sell out!



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