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Film to Watch: Mexican Cannibal Flick ‘We Are What We Are’

Thanks to Twitch Film we caught wind of a new Mexican horror film they’re touting as “the best of the year” thus far (review). Entitled We Are What We Are (Somos Lo Que Hay), the flick is a cannibal drama they compare to the like of Let the Right One In. The plot? Here’s the translated version: “One family left destitute when her father and leader, from the time his three sons and his widow facing a storm. The four will have to face him his worst nightmare: getting food into their own hands. Continue with its rituals is vital to eat human flesh to survive. Now, by decree, the eldest brother, a teenage misfit, must lead his people to preserve their cannibalistic tradition, unaware that, in the attempt, will have to sacrifice their own lives.” Check out some stills below.
Check out a few more stills:



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