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Set Visit Preview: A Reflection of ‘Mirrors II’



Back in January Bloody Disgusting’s Chris Eggertsen took a trip down to the set of Fox Home Entertainment’s Mirrors II, the direct-to-video sequel to Alex Aja’s remake arriving in stores this coming October. With a full set report forthcoming, below you’ll find a quick little teaser from the Victor Garcia directed sequel.
A few months back I visited the set of Twentieth Century Fox’s upcoming Mirrors 2, the sequel to the Alexandre Aja original starring Kiefer Sutherland. Helming this time around is Victor Garcia (director of Return to House on Haunted Hill from 2007), and taking over for Sutherland as the main protagonist is Terminator 3 thesp Nick Stahl. The actor stars as Max Matheson, a night time security guard/recovering drug addict who takes a job at his father’s department store and is haunted by visions of a young woman in the store’s mirrors. When he becomes a suspect in several grisly murders, Max is forced to solve the mystery behind the ghostly apparitions in order to prove his innocence.

Unfortunately Stahl was not present during the two-day shoot I witnessed, but I did get an opportunity to speak with director Garcia, producer Todd Williams, in-camera f/x men Alex Diaz and Kevin Wasner, and visual f/x man Sean Findley. The scene being filmed was a grisly one involving co-star Jon Michael Davis, an evil mirror double, and a couple of sliced Achilles tendons, Hostel-style. The setting? Bar/apartment complex (yeah, you read that right) Boudreaux & Thibodeaux in Baton Rouge, LA, in a third-floor loft-style apartment manned by Garcia, a large crew, and a bevy of bright lights which effectively turned the small space into a sweltering hotbox.

I’m prohibited from giving too much else away regarding the visit at this early date, but I will say that fans of the first movie can expect lots of gore (inflatable intestines – nice!), a closer adherence to the original Korean film, and perhaps a little gratuitous boobage.

Stay tuned for updates and interviews soon.


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