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Just to Torture You: Some ‘Evil Dead IV’ Non-News

Movieweb caught up with Ted Raimi at the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards where they confronted him about Evil Dead IV, a sequel I’ve stopped thinking about for years now. If it’s officially announced, consider me the first in line. “Well it might happen … but then again … it might not happen,” Ted tells Movieweb, giving them zero worthwhile information. “You know, it’s really Sam’s project, it’s not my project so I certainly don’t want to speak for him but I hope it does go through…I know a lot of fans would really love to see it. So that’s a big deal for them.” Raimi has told us in the past that he’ll think about it after his illustrious mega-blockbuster career winds down, basically stating, why wouldn’t he do Spider-Man movies while he still can? Good question, I guess?



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