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‘Elm Street 5’ Writer Tackles 3-D with Horror-Comedy ‘Rose’

A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child writer John Skipp is heading into 3-D territory with Rose, a new horror-comedy described on the official website as “ ‘Pee-Wees Playhouse’ meets ‘Night of the Living Dead’ ” The indie project will feature zombies, puppets, and musical mayhem!

Written and directed by Skipp, “48 hours into the undead apocalypse, one woman has managed to stay on the air. She’s a hot ex-mental patient with a message of hope, a baseball bat, and her puppet friends.

Welcome to “Rose’s Place”: where the songs, skits, and rescue stations run all night long or at least until the zombies get in.

Chase McKenna will star as road alongside David Fine.

For more, Dread Central has an interview with Skipp.



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