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Long-Lost Horror Titles Arriving This Fall Thanks to Lightening Media

Wondering where a slew of horror titles went? Well Lightening Media has acquired 8 titles for release this fall on DVD, VOD and Digital Download. So what can you expect to see? This is interesting. Most notionally we’ll finally get to see Martin Weisz’s awesome Grimm Love, a creepy real-life story with a shocking finale (click the title for more info). Another shocker is we’ll finally get Jaume Balaguero’s Fragile: A Ghost Story, the Calista Flockhart starrer from way back in 2005 (no kidding)! Let’s see, then there’s Darin Scott’s Dark House, the horrid Pig Hunt (from the director of Jason X), Road Kill (formerly Road Train), Hunger, The Tomb and The Haunting. For more information on any title, just click above. When a release date is locked, we’ll report back.



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