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Review: Trick ‘R Treat: The Best Comic To Get You Into The Halloween Mood



We’re a day away from October and I’m sure most of you are sick of Halloween stuff already. Stores and people shove merchandise, costumes, and candy down our collective throats. What is this season really about? Why scaring you to your core of course! Wildstorm’s adaption of the Trick ‘R Treat movie is made tactfully and beautifully to make it the comic to get this season! Full review after the break.
trickrtreat1 If you’ve ever read an issue of Creepy/Eerie/Tales From the Crypt or watched movies like Creepshow; you will be familiar with Trick ‘r Treat. The trade paperback is broken into 6 stories that tell dark adventures that all happen one Halloween night. The stories are even linked together for eagle eye readers. The only character that is in every story is ‘Sam,’ which I assume is the mute host of all these stories compared to Uncle Creepy or the Cryptkeeper.
The strongest part of the stories is that it teleports you back to being a child. Most of the unlucky victims in the story don’t follow simple Halloween etiquette like always answer the door and give candy, check you’re candy for safety, etc. Stories like this hit me to my core and remind me when I would be scared as a child during Halloween from stories I would hear from family and friends. These chills and scares won’t make you question reality or vomit, rather they are very fun and entertaining while still making you feel a little uneasy.
This comic was supposed to come out in 2007 in 6 issues, but with the movie getting pushed back and everything it didn’t come out until now(DVD out October 6th). Trick ‘R Treat is strengthened by the fact it’s in trade paperback to fuse the stories together and to show off all the different artists throughout.
Trick ‘R Treat is a great comic and I hope will become an annual series. This is the best Halloween comic I’ve read in years and I know you’ll agree.


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