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Top 5 Hot Stories This Week



It’s a new tradition here at BD Graphic Content! Every Friday we will be posting the hottest articles, previews, and reviews from the week. Below are the top 5 most read stories this week. Read on for the skinny…


#1 NSFW ‘Antichrist’ Comic Needs Your Help

Just about everyone knows how tough it is to break into the comics industry. It doesn’t make it any easier when the book you’ve got on your hands is full of blood, sex, gore, and focuses on people killing in the name of Christ. Writer Betvin Geant and artist Keith Draws have been trying to get their gorgeous book, Antichrist, off the ground without any help from publishers. Posting the almost-completed first issue on comic message boards, the creative team has been trying to find an audience for their controversial title. Betvin Geant took the time to chat with BD about Antichrist, offering some in-depth details about the project.

#2 Rick And The Gang Are Moving On In ‘The Walking Dead’ #95

Michonne finally made her TV debut in the season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead, but now we have to wait quite a while to see her and her glorious sword in action. Thankfully, we’ve got the comic to keep us from going hungry. While the new arc for The Walking Dead does recall certain elements we’ve seen from past story lines, in Kirkman we must trust.

#3 10 Comics To Feast On: March 28 2012

Over the past year, there seems to have been a trend among publishers to move toward a more horror-oriented style. With spring on the horizon, there are even more horror books coming out every week. This week sees the second installment of CROSSED: BADLANDS, the final issue of GHOST RIDER, the last of the new Vertigo titles, THE NEW DEADWARDIANS, and many more.

#4 Exclusive: Whispers #2 Preview

Joshua Luna continues to craft his solo project, Whispers, next week about dream walking, severe OCD, ex-lovers, and demons. Although Joshua Luna is best known for working with his other half as part of the Luna Brothers duo, we’ve got a feeling he’s going to break from that bond pretty soon. If you have not had the pleasure of reading a Luna Brothers’ book, you’re missing out. Though it’s only one issue deep, so far it’s shaping up to be an incredibly gripping series. Whispers is a dark, dramatic, supernatural thriller, that shouldn’t be passed up. Check out the preview, exclusive to BD, from Image Comics.

#5 Read Skullkickers #1 For FREE from Graphicly

To celebrate next week’s release of the gorgeous oversized hardcover Skullkickers Vol. 1: Treasure Trove HC, Bloody-Disgusting has partnered with Image and digital comics distributor GRAPHICLY to offer issue #1 of Skullkickers online for free.


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