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Hellblazer Spends ‘Another Season In Hell’

This month Hellblazer welcomes new colorist, Brian Buccellato, on board to team up with the already brilliant combination of Milligan and Camuncoli. It’s like a match made in heaven. Issue #287 tosses Johnny boy into “Another Season In Hell” for a brand new arc. Constantine is no stranger to the fiery abyss we call hell, but as you can see from the preview art, he doesn’t look too thrilled to be back. Check the full two-page spread preview art below. Read on for the skinny


Vertigo’s Graphic Content (they took the name from us) released the following with the image:

“Exciting news on the HB front. Colorist extraordinaire Brian Buccellato joins the monthly team and brings a verdant grit to the series as writer Milligan and artists Camuncoli, Landini and Bisley drag a none-too-enthusiastic John Constantine down under for “Another Season in Hell.” Check out the double-page spread from issue #287 and tell me that you don’t pity our poor old mage.




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