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Adam Green Cooks Up a ‘Killer Pizza’ With BD

Hatchet 2 director Adam Green, possibly the nicest man working in the horror biz today, stopped with his soon-to-be bride Rileah Vanderbilt (‘Young Victor Crowley’ in Hatchet 1 & 2 and ‘Shannon’ in this year’s Frozen) to chat with B-D at the Saturn Awards Thursday night (Frozen was nominated for Best Picture but lost to Drag Me To Hell) and gave us a little more insight into his next directing project, the Chris Columbus-produced Killer Pizza, which according to Green will bring us back to the glory days of kid-friendly ’80s “horror” fare like Monster Squad. Read on for the whole pie.
Adam GreenKiller Pizza, the recently-announced possible next directing gig for Hatchet and Frozen director Adam Green and being produced by Chris Columbus’ 1492 shingle, is an adaptation of the Greg Taylor young-adult novel about a kid who gets a job at a pizza joint and discovers it’s a front for a cover monster-hunting organization. I got Green to talk a little more about the project – for which he’s commenced writing the script – including the parallels with beloved ’80s movies like The Goonies and Monster Squad.

“Killer Pizza is gonna feel like one of those old Amblin movies a little bit. It’s part Goonies, part Monster Squad“, said Green excitedly. “It’s the coolest shit ever, and I’m so excited because I’ve been holding out on a studio job for a long time. Because everything I get called in for I don’t really like or it’s a remake. And then to be working with Chris Columbus on something that is exactly what I wanted to do, it’s amazing…I’m actually more excited about than that than probably anything ever.

Unlike Hatchet or Frozen, it definitely sounds like something you could take your eight-year-old brother or nephew to see, considering they’re aiming for a more kid-friendly tone with this. No ‘R’-rating here.

We’re aiming for PG-13, because it’s not about gore or violence, it’s about the stuff that guys like you and me grew up with,” he said. “They just don’t do it anymore. You ask anybody, what’s your favorite movie? So many people say The Goonies or Monster Squad but why don’t they make it anymore. I think Chris is trying to bring it back around again and I’m just lucky as hell that I’m the one that he picked.

Oh, and for those of you who didn’t support Drag Me to Hell when it was released in theaters (you know who you are), Green had a few choice words:

Assuming we’re not gonna win [Best Picture at the Saturn Awards] being an independent movie, we’re really hoping Drag Me to Hell wins. Great to see Sam Raimi come back. And I really, really condemn the fans for not turning out for that movie.

As for his wedding to Vanderbilt, those who care for the more gossip-y stuff (and Twisted Sister fans) will be interested to know that Dee Snider will be presiding over the ceremony.

I told him he couldn’t wear the makeup though,” said Vanderbilt. “He had to just be regular.

Green also hinted (jokingly?) that there may be a little horror spice in their wedding vows:

Yeah, there’s like zombies in the vows somewhere.

Piped in the bride: “You know like a, ‘you get bit, I’ll get bit, and we’ll be zombies together’ kinda thing, you know? It’s like love eternal.



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