SD Comic-Con '10: Reeves Confirms Some Sorta Plans For 'Cloverfield 2'! - Bloody Disgusting
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SD Comic-Con ’10: Reeves Confirms Some Sorta Plans For ‘Cloverfield 2’!



Some really big news out of the San Diego Comic-Con regarding the long-gestured Coverfield sequel that we’re all praying for. While both producer J.J. Abrams and director Matt Reeves have been tight-lipped, Reeves opened up to us this weekend while out promoting his much anticipated Let Me In adaptation. “Cloverfield 2 is on hold for now… it’s not dead, it’s dormant,” says Reeves. “J.J. is very involved with Super 8 and I’ve been doing Let Me In that so we have shelved it until we can get the team from the first back together.” He also clarified that he would like to be the one back behind the camera. It’s nice to hear him actually say they PLAN on doing it still, as opposed to abandoning the project completely. Too bad we won’t be hearing anything until at the earliest next summer when Paramount releases Abrams’ Super 8.


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