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Double Murder Podcast: ‘The Human Centipede’ vs ‘Splice’



The Double Murder Podcast has returned! We were going to call this the “Ill-Advised Medical Experimentation Episode,” but in light of all the troubles in the world today, we’ve decided to call it the “Unity Episode.” Danny! and Tim review The Human Centipede: First Sequence (2009) and Splice (2009), two films that deal with people joining together with other people – even other species – to try and make this world a better place. Making quite an impact in it’s limited release, The Human Centipede tells the story of a doctor who, so distraught with the separateness of humanity, decides to use his surgical genius to bond 3 unlikely friends to one another. Splice takes things a step further, reaching outside of the human gene pool to create Dren, a precocious little scamp being raised by the only parents she’s known. Two heart-warming tales, indeed!
Double Murder: Where horror movies are pit against eachother, featuring originals vs remakes, originals vs sequels, and more. Hosted by Danny! and Tim.


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