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The Secret World Is Now Available For Pre-Order, I Proceed To Lose My Shit

It’s true. I’ve been waiting so very patiently for The Secret World. The time to pre-order is upon us. Pre-ordering The Secret World will get you a pretty sweet amount of bonuses at no extra cost. If you head past the break you can check out that list and a video that explains it all as well. The Secret World will be released exclusively on the PC June 19th.

Gamers who pre-order The Secret World will receive:
· Guaranteed access to all Beta Weekends starting May 11, with the ability to carry over their characters to every subsequent event
· Guaranteed Early Access to the game, up to four days prior to the game’s official launch
· An exclusive in-game item providing an experience boost to progression
· An exclusive in-game t-shirt featuring a unique monster design
· A powerful pet (Ferocious Wolf, Egyptian Cat or Loyal Hound) to support the player in combat
· A head start on character naming before the game launches




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