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Director DJ Caruso Updates Status of ‘Dead Space’ Movie Prequel



While we already have Event Horizon, I wouldn’t mind seeing a new sci-fi horror that blends a bit of that and John Carpenter’s The Thing. EA Games’ Dead Space video game brings H.P. Lovecraft and terror to space, and Eagle Eye director DJ Caruso has been developing a live-action version for quite some time now. MTV caught up with Caruso who updated the status of the adaptation, which is being prepped as a prequel. Details inside.
“Dead Space” is set in the 26th century in deep space, where an engineer who responds to a distress signal from a mining ship finds the vessel infested with monstrous creatures called Necromorphs. The creatures are human corpses, reanimated by an alien virus.

The interesting bit is that he’s planning a prequel.

We’ve got a really good sort of storyline,” he revealed to MTV. “It’s almost a prequel, sort of, to where the game picks up.

Despite the progress, there are obstacles. “It’s one of those things where the storytelling of it and trying to get into the prequel [is a challenge],” he said. “You have have the whole sort of brainwash-y/Scientology thing and ultimately the Necromorphs. It’s interesting to try to get the major studios to understand that this [isn’t ‘Event Horizon.’] So you’ve got to sort of steer their brain out of that. So we’re fighting some of those elements. … I’m still looking forward to getting going.

There’s also still work left to be done in pulling together the right people to make the movie work. “We don’t have a writer for it yet, but… right before I left we were listening to different writers and taking different pitches. We have to decide on a couple once we get back what we’re going to do,” he explained. “We’ve tried to crack the story a few different ways, so I know when we get back we’re going to get into it and I feel like we’ll have a screenplay in a few months. It’ll hopefully be ready to go.


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