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Brian De Palma Readying ‘Toyer’ in Italy!

Vulture reports that after (a long) six years, Brian De Palma will finally be directing the diabolical Gardner McKay novel and stage play Toyer, which follows a “serial lunatic” whom doesn’t murder or rape his beautiful female victims, he instead “toys” with them, torturing them psychologically, before putting them into a medically induced coma. You’ll find all of the details inside.
Vulture adds:

“The film will be shooting in Venice, Italy, late this fall and into the early winter. That’s a switch from the Gardner version, which is set in L.A., but should be far creepier: De Palma plans to set the mayhem against Venice’s famous Carnevale di Venezia, for which elaborate masks disguising one’s identity are traditionally worn on the street from St. Stephen’s Day (the day after Christmas) until the start of the Venitian Carnival.

It has all the elements of suspense that Brian does so well in films like ‘Blow Out’ and ‘Carrie’,” producer Scott Steindorff says, adding, “And by that I mean, it’s really frickin’ scary: I read the script on a plane, and I was still terrified.

Gardner McKay Toyer



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