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‘The Descent’ Director Neil Marshall Has Fresh ‘Taste’ For Horror

A question that I absolutely love asking people is: would you eat human if it were legally obtained, cleaned, and cooked appropriately? The overwhelming response from people asked is a firm “No!”, with a look of disappointment in their eyes when I explain that I’d taste it quicker than you could blink. Come on, BBQ human? It can’t be THAT bad. Dog Soldiers/The Descent director Neil Marshall must wonder the same thing as he’ll be directing Underground, a David Cohen-scripted horror thriller set in the world of gourmet underground supper clubs. What kind of food might they be serving? After asking the producers for clarity, Deadline was told, “the protagonist is an ambitious young chef who ventures into the terrifying underbelly of extreme cuisine.” Marshall isn’t a newbie when it comes to cannibalism as there was plenty of human-chomping in Doomsday. I guess there’s only one thing left to know: would you eat human?



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