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‘Paranormal Activity’ Producers Hope to Hold Virus at ‘Bay’

Screen Daily is reporting that long time writer-director-producer Barry Levinson has secretly begun shooting a new zombie eco-thriller in Georgetown, SC. Enttiled The Bay (formerly Isopod), the pic begins on the aftermath of a viral outbreak on the Eastern Seaboard. The story is told via a series of recordings on camera phones, 911 calls and other scraps of video as the town of Claridge, Maryland, is engulfed by chaos. The sci-fi thriller is being produced by Paranormal Activity and Area 51 director Oren Peli, alongside Jason Blum (PA, Insidious), Steven Schneider (PA, Insidious) and Brian Kavanagh Jones (Skyline, Insidious).
From Wiki: “Isopods are an order of peracarid crustaceans, including familiar animals such as woodlice and pill bugs. The name Isopoda derives from the Greek iso meaning “same” and pod meaning “foot”.[1] The fossil record of isopods dates back to the Carboniferous period (in the US Pennsylvanian epoch), at least 300 million years ago.



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