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Screamfest ’10 Review: ‘Jack Brooks’ Director Has Us Worshipping ‘The Shrine’

Fans of Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer have quietly been receiving info on director Jon Knautz’s sophomore horror tale, The Shrine, his first take at “serious” horror that is about a group of young journalists who investigate a cult said to practice human sacrifice – but their ambitious ways may lead them to becoming the cult’s next victims. The film screened at this past week’s Screamfest Horror FIlm Festival, and while the first act is pretty painful, the flick builds to one giant payoff that had all of us clapping. “And, even though I was kind of bored at first, I ultimately appreciated the slow burn approach, as it reminded me of some 70s movies I really dig…It’s also got a few good jolt scares, plus a bit of gore during the climax.” Click the title above to read BC’s full review. We’ll keep you posted on any distribution news, hopefully you guys will be able to catch this bloody chiller some time soon!



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