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Breaking: Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer Feel the Pleasures of Pain for ‘Hellraiser’

An update to our story from earlier this week. While Christian E. Christiansen was the frontrunner to direct the theatrical Hellraiser remake, we have confirmed without a shadow of doubt that Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer are the duo who will be bringing Pinhead back to theaters (thank God!) We’d also like to add that both Shock and Collider had also dabbled on this rumor over the past few days, so props to them for the digging. Lussier and Farmer teamed on both the wildly entertaining My Bloody Valentine 3D and Summit’s forthcoming Drive Angry 3D. They also spent a lot of time developing Halloween 3D for theWeinsteins, so hopefully this project will help get Michael Myers back in theaters as well.



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