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Cooperative And Competitive Multiplayer Returns To Resident Evil 6

Let’s just get this out there: Resident Evil 5’s Versus Mode was an awful idea, and one that should be lost to the tome of history forever. I can only hope the multiplayer in Resident Evil 6 has a little more thought invested in it, but at the very least I can take comfort in the fact that there’s strafing. Oh, glorious strafing, how I love you so. From an Xbox product page, which has since been updated, the game will feature a robust online offering that includes 6 player online co-op and 8 player competitive multiplayer.

Wait, six player co-op? I think I remember something about there being three intersecting campaigns in Resident Evil 6, so that leads me to believe there’s a way to play each of the campaigns simultaneously with your friends. Or, maybe there’s another mode they haven’t revealed, who knows. Head past the break for the trailer, in case you missed it, and tell me what type of multiplayer you want in Resident Evil 6!



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