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Read the Original ‘Poltergeist’ Treatment: ‘Night Time’!

Something insanely cool was shared with the Poltergeist Fan Site who posted the original treatment for Poltergeist entitled “Night Time”. The site writes: “In early 1980, Steven Spielberg collaborated by mail on a treatment with Tobe Hooper while Spielberg was shooting “Raiders of the Lost Ark.” The treatment, originally titled “Night Time” (perhaps a derivation of the aborted “Night Skies” project), was a ghost story set in the suburbs. Several months after the initial 11 page treatment was written and sold to MGM, Spielberg added about 20 more pages which further fleshed out some of the story’s initial ideas. It’s very interesting to note which elements of the finished film were there from the very beginning. However, more notable are the things which didn’t end up in the shooting script at all. In fact, most of the scenes in the amendment pages are completely different from what would eventually end up on screen. I would argue that what was added/changed later on in the actual screenplay made the story much better.” Wanna read? All you have to do is click here!



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