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Robert Kirkman’s At It Again: ‘Thief Of Thieves’ Heads to AMC

One hit TV series with AMC just wasn’t enough for Kirkman. Announced today, Kirkman’s brand new comic series, which is a mere three issues deep, will be developed by AMC for a TV adaptation. Following the success of “The Walking Dead”, perhaps it’s not much of a surprise that he’s got another show planned already, but seriously a book that just started?. Thief of Thieves is a crime story focusing the master conman, Conrad Paulson. After years of living the life of a thief, he decides to go rogue and steal only things that have already been stolen. There’s a lot more drama added to the story, which I’m sure is part of the reason why AMC picked it up. See more after the jump.

The Hollywood Reporter stated earlier today that AMC would be working again with Kirkman, and later Kirkman confirmed that on his Twitter account. Kirkman said recently, “Much like The Walking Dead brought horror to television in a unique and groundbreaking way, I feel Thief of Thieves can do the same thing for heist stories, showing the humanity of all the characters, including the criminals.”

Kirkman later added, “AMC recognizes the limitless ideas generated by the comic industry. Their dedication to bringing The Walking Dead to life as a TV show has been key to its success and I’m excited about the potential of Thief of Thieves to reach similar levels of success.”

Kirkman is to team up once again with producers David Alpert and Chic Eglee, who also brought us “The Walking Dead”. You may be pleased to know that Eglee has experience working on a similar show already, “Dexter”.

The comic series is written by Kirkman with art by Shawn Martinbrough, it is also published by Image Comics Published. The third issue hit shops today.

While I am happy for Kirkman, this is slightly bothersome considering how young the story is and how many other comics there are that seem more deserving of a full TV series (note: this is my opinion). There are already an insane amount of crime TV shows out there, so I get that they are tapping into something with a proven track record. But, only a few months ago Joe Hill’s stellar “Locke & Key” series was declined by Fox, and we all know how long they have been trying to get a “Sandman” series off the ground. On the other hand, maybe this is the start of something new, maybe we can expect to see a whole bunch of comic adaptions in the near future. Thoughts?



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