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Time To Get Outraged: Cleveland Wants To Kill Live Music

I have just read what might be one of the most preposterous and idiotic bill proposals EVER over at The Examiner. Apparently, in Cleveland, Ohio, there are people who are pushing to pass a bill that would ensure that no live music can exceed the volume of an unplugged, unamplified acoustic instrument. Yeah, you just read that right, no amps, no sound systems, etc… If this were some small town with a population of 250, I might understand. You plug a guitar in and everyone would hear that. But this is something straight out of 1984. But that’s not all, oh no. Read past the break for some other “concessions” that would need to be followed. On top of no plugged in instruments, there is this provision regarding any business that provides “entertainment” (such as bars, clubs, concert venues, etc…): “No such use will be located within five hundred (500) feet of another such use if either use is located in a Local Retail or Residential District.”

What does that mean? Let me put it like this: if you had Joe’s Bar next door to Jim’s Dance Club, then guess what? Illegal. Yup. Flat out, that would be against the law. Every business that is classified as “entertainment” would have to be at least 500 feet apart from the next “entertainment” business. Sounds like the perfect way to kill a thriving, lively downtown, right? Well, if that wasn’t bad enough, how about making it illegal to have an “entertainment” business illegal to be within 500 ft. of school, church, playground, non-profit organization, or similar. 
Basically, this proposed bill would destroy any semblance of a thriving nightlife, be it music, art, or just going out for a night on the town. If you want to show your support for keeping this bill down or just want to be kept abreast of the situation, there is a dedicated Facebook page that will update with any and all current information.



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