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[Review] Eve To Adam ‘Banquet For A Starving Dog’

Hailing from New York City, Eve To Adam have ben rocking the underground scene like a tidal wave for several years. Now, with Banquet For A Starving Dog, they are hitting the mainstream with full force and wild energy. However, does their album stack up or does it fall prey to becoming one of countless generic fillers? Check after the jump for the answer.


The album opens up with the current single, Run Your Mouth, a hard-rocking arena style anthem. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it ended up as a WWE anthem or something along those lines. It has the energy, intensity, lyrical content, and a perfect ending for one of those events. 
The album sounds great with each instrument clear and focused. What I loved hearing was that there were many different guitar tones used, which allowed for each song to stand apart from each other, although the end product is undeniably Eve To Adam
The album kicks off with some fantastic songs (My Vanity is one of my favorites off the album) but suffers from a mid-section that seems to drop the energy and drag a song or two too long. Even with that being said, the songs individually are very solid and dynamically a lot of fun.
The Final Word: Although it suffers from a weak mid-section, Banquet For A Starving Dog is unashamed radio-aimed hard rock that does it far better than most of what hits the airwaves. 



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