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[Review] The Human League ‘Credo’

Can’t put your finger on where you’ve heard the name The Human League before? Well, just revisit this classic 80’s gem, Don’t You Want Me, and feel waves of nostalgia wash over you. Now back with their ninth studio album, Credo, (10 years after their last album!) The Human League are back with more English synthpop. The question is should they have stayed in the 80’s or do they sound at home now. Check after the jump for the answer!


The album opens up with Never Let Me Go, which briefly sounds like it’s coming out of a ham radio before sharpening up. Enter Susan Ann Sulley’s vocals, which have been auto-tuned so severely that I could’ve sworn I was listening to GLaDOS from Portal. While entertaining and generally a solid song, I found myself wanting it to go just a bit further. It’s hard to describe, but I feel like the song never reached it’s full potential.

The production of this album is fantastic. The instruments layer each other perfectly and the vocal harmonies are wonderfully mixed. At no point did I feel like I was overwhelmed by all the tones and instruments. Rather, I enjoyed sitting back and paying attention to each layer, especially hearing how they all interacted with one another.

As well put together as this album is, only a few songs stuck out for me, those being Night People, Egomaniac, and Electric Shock. The rest of the album was pleasant and I enjoyed listening to it several times through but, just as with the opening track, the songs never felt like they reached their peak.

The Final Word: While not mind-blowing, The Human League’s Credo is still a very solid album that should give synthpop fans nearly 50 minutes of enjoyable listening. While I won’t be running back to listen to it with any sense of great urgency, I can see myself coming back to it here and there.



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