Kimberly Peirce Speaks On Modernizing 'Carrie' - Bloody Disgusting!

Kimberly Peirce Speaks On Modernizing ‘Carrie’

With production getting underway soon, director Kimberly Peirce took to Facebook where she talked about modernizing the Carrie reboot that will star Chloe Moretz in the title role.

I am also modernizing the story as one has to in order to bring any great piece of work written in one era into the next and especially given how very relevant this material is right now. Chloe is going deep into character to get this right….sewing her own dresses, spending time in her closet….and so much more….Thanks for all the great wishes. We are on it! And privileged to be working with such great source material.

In theaters March 13, 2013, the thriller is “An adaptation of the Stephen King thriller about the hyperkinetic teenager who gets pushed too far at the prom and wreaks havoc on her fellow high school students.” King’s bestselling book was turned into the 1976 film that starred Sissy Spacek, John Travolta, Amy Irving and Piper Laurie as the repressive mother. On Carrie, Aguirre-Sacasa writes a version that is more faithful to the King book than the earlier movie.