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Prototype 2’s Commercial Looks Like It’s Straight Out Of A Kick Ass Movie

Lez b honest here. These video game trailers and commercials are looking so good lately it’s actually making me mad. Because we watch Hollywood time and time again rape our favorite video games. I’m still waiting for confirmation that Nathan Fillion will be playing Nathan Drake in the Uncharted movies. Alas we are stuck with these incredible love action commercials and trailers from video games that look better than the shitty video game movies that get cranked out. Check out the video past the break, if you haven’t already seen the commercial.



  • ReplicA

    Wow, that was bad ass. And yeah, why hollywood can’t take a hint from commercials is beyond me. Stick to the original closer, there’s a reason it’s popular enough to make a movie of.

  • Daddy-the-Baddy

    Fuckin awesome. Can’t wait

  • doctrina

    Best one this spring time

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