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Jennifer Lynch Had ‘Hisss’ Taken Away From Her

Where the heck is Jennifer Lynch’s Hisss? Starring the beautiful Mallika Sherawat as a snake woman who can take on various forms, the film was set to premiere at this past October’s Screamfest Horror Film Festival, before being yanked at the very last second. All signs point to “bad movie”, and now Lynch is even opening up stating that the film isn’t even hers anymore! All of the details can be found inside.
Fenilandbollywood contacted director Jennifer Lynch who revealed this shocker of a statement: “Hisss was taken away from me in the edit. I have no idea what the film looks like. I came close to a directors’ cut, which Mallika, Venus and producers (Govind Menon and Vikram Singh) referred to as `European, languid and sensual’ all the things I thought were compliments.

She continues, “Apparently, that did not make them happy. I have no idea what is out there. Good or bad, I cannot take credit for it. Aside from shots and performances that I pray have not been butchered.

Jennifer wanted to make the film a love story. She added, “They took the songs out; they wanted more horror.

Despite all this, the director hopes to return to India someday. Will bygones be bygones for her? She says, “My name is all over it (the film). I can do nothing. But I want to come back.

WOW. This should be an interesting film should it ever find a release here in the States.



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