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Sam Jackson, Luke Wilson Topline ‘Meeting Evil’

A year and a half after being announced right here on Bloody Disgusting, S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale director Chris Fisher is finally getting behind the camera for his adaptation of Thomas Berger’s 1992 novel Meeting Evil. With filming set to begin this weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana, Bloody Disgusting has got the scoop on the official cast. Read on to see who’ll star!
Bloody Disgusting got the tip that Luke Wilson (Vacancy) will take the lead role of “John” in the adaptation, penned by Fisher. Also starring is Samuel L. Jackson (Snakes on a Plane, 1408), Leslie Bibb (The Midnight Meat Train, Trick ‘r Treat) and Peyton List (Shuttle).

There’s a novel I adapted called “Meeting Evil”, which is a sort of a two-handed containment thriller, sort of a Western about good and evil,” Fisher told Bloody Disgusting back in May of 2009. “It’s something I’m trying to cast right now. I just finished the script and about to go out with it.

Here’s the plotline: When John answers a knock at his front door, he thinks nothing of giving the man outside a hand starting his car. Richie’s car has stalled and he needs help. John’s charitable impulses lead him to offer to guide Richie to a nearby petrol station, but he has a bad feeling about this strange man. What starts as a simple trip to the petrol station turns into an extraordinary journey into darkness. Before the day is over, John will witness Richie commit violent crime after violent crime, and yet John can’t seem to disentangle himself from the dangerous lunatic. Richie, meanwhile, is desperate to explain the qualities that he believes the two men have in common and the friendship they could share. When John arrives home at the end of this nightmarish day, Richie has fooled John’s wife, Joan, into believing that he is a client of John’s, and Joan is busily entertaining him. John then faces the toughest decision of his life: how to protect his family and get rid of Richie for good.



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