Teaser Trailer Debut for 'Saw' Co-Creator's 'Insidious'!! - Bloody Disgusting
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Teaser Trailer Debut for ‘Saw’ Co-Creator’s ‘Insidious’!!



Mark my words, 20 years from now you’re all going to look back at the works of James Wan and Leigh Whannell and find yourself saying their names in the same breath as John Carpenter, Wes Craven, and other great genre writer/directors. Saw is a classic, their creepy follow-up Dead Silence has aged like fine wine, and now they complete the trilogy of terror with the upcoming release of Insidious, their Poltergeist-inspired horror flick that made my top 10 of 2010 list (read the review). Arriving in theaters April 1, a young family makes the terrifying discovery that the body of their comatose boy has become a magnet for malevolent entities, while his consciousness lies trapped in the dark and insidious realm known as The Further. Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson, and Barbara Hershey all star. Check out the teaser trailer inside!


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