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First Images from ‘The Eye’ Directors’ ‘Fairy Tale Killer’ and ‘Sleepwalker 3D’

The boys over at Twitch got their hands on new images from two new Asian horror films.

The image featured on top is from The Eye co-director Oxide Pang’s Sleepwalker 3D, which stars Sinje Lee, Charlie Young, and Bi Chang Zhou.

The film will follow the main character Yi, who has never imagined a revolving dream haunting her every night would eventually evolve into to a real-life nightmare. Shortly after a dream man enters her gloomy life, Yi, a sleepwalker, is set back again by a past broken relationship and becomes a suspected murderer of her ex-husband. The clearer her dream develops, the more real the accused crime appears to her. Did she really kill when sleepwalking?

Inside this news story you’ll also find a first look at Danny Pang’s (the other director of The Eye) Fairy Tale Killer, which begins when “Fairy Tales turn ugly, twisted and bloody. A fearless cop (Ching Wan Lau) is appointed to investigate a series of puzzling murders which resemble Fairy Tales. Would there be a happy ending of the abnormality in real world?

Both films were being sold at EFM.



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