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Meet a Few Ghost Hunters in ‘Insidious’ Viral Site!

BD regular ‘Lucksaw’ just tipped us off to a pair of pretty great viral websites for NewFilms’ Insidious (reviews), the James Wan-directed spookfest arriving in theaters April 1.

First you’ll find the official website for “Spectral Sightings”, experts in paranormal investigation who find themselves in the thick of a haunting like never before seen. You might recognize one of the investigators (writer and star Leigh Whannell) in the video contained inside.

There is also other viral site, a blog called Voice from The Further, run by some chick named “Valerie,” who was trapped in a coma for 20 years! D-yikes! There you’ll find videos and a super creepy image that reminds me of Kane from Poltergeist II.



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