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Plot Details for Impressive Looking Indie ‘Incidente’

Earlier this month we told you about a new found footage film being unearthed, this time from Argentina.

Inspired by films like [REC], Lamberto Bava’s Demons, The Blair Witch Project, and even Stephen King’s Desperation comes Mariano Cattaneo’s Incidente.

Our friends at Robert Hood score the official synopsis:

A Special Division police member finds videotape in the form of an unfinished documentary featuring material of a very dark and strange nature.

Years ago in the Nacan’s Factory, an employee killed 16 workers and finally himself. Investigating police could find no logical explanation for the events and the case was filed as “Incident” (a designation that police use for cases with no solution, offering no reasonable explanation).

Today cameraman Christian and journalist Romina, along with a crime specialist and a priest, will enter the building to document what really happened that day.

This is the tape of what they discovered.

Check out the previously released trailer, images and posters inside.



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