Haunted Mansion Gets a New Hitchhiking Ghosts Finale
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Walt Disney World Secretly Unveils New ‘Haunted Mansion’ Hitchhiking Ghosts!



My day almost began in a fit of rage, but was quickly subdued when I watched the following mind-blowing video, courtesy of Inside the Magic.

This morning Walt Disney World made a pretty substantial upgrade, one that will piss off the purists (that’s me!), but also blow their minds into confusion.

“This morning Walt Disney Imagineering unveiled its most impressive and interactive effect to date, adding playful new versions of the famous Hitchhiking Ghosts in ‘The Haunted Mansion’ who take delight in pranking unsuspecting guests. The classic dark ride has always featured ghosts “who follow you home,” appearing sitting next to guests by way of mirrors in the attraction’s final scenes. The with new technological advances, Disney’s Imagineers have created more lifelike and fun ghosts than ever before seen in the ride.”

Watch the video inside and then tell us your thoughts. Are you OK with the change? Is this impressive new technology worthy of desecrating a holy plot on Disney soil?


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