BD Review: 'Dylan Dog: Dead of Night' Mind-Numbingly Tepid - Bloody Disgusting
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BD Review: ‘Dylan Dog: Dead of Night’ Mind-Numbingly Tepid



I started off as a rash hater but slowly turned as the clips gave me a glimmer of hope. Unfortunately, Freestyle Releasing’s Dylan Dog: Dead of Night is just as bad as we thought. Here’s a taste of Chris Eggertsen’s brutal review:

‘I hated it’, I whispered over to my colleague as the credits rolled on the mind-numbingly tepid ‘Dylan Dog: Dead of Night’ – except that it wasn’t true, and I knew it half a second after the words rolled off my tongue. The truth is, I’m not sure such a strong reaction would even be possible after watching a film as inconsequential as this tedious would-be franchise-starter. After all, how can you hate something that hardly even exists to begin with?

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