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BD Review: Another Raving Review for ‘TrollHunter’, New Comic-inspired Poster!

VOD gets awesome this coming Friday when Magnet Releasing unleashes TrollHunter onto the world. See it a month before its June 10 theatrical run!

Below you’ll find a pretty rad comic-inspired poster, while inside you can dig on another rave review, this time from Bloody-Disgusting’s Lauren Taylor. Don’t forget that tomorrow you’ll be able to write your own review to tell all of BD what YOU thought.

The pic is the story of a group of Norwegian film students that set out to capture real-life trolls on camera after learning their existence has been covered up for years by a government conspiracy.

Reviewed by Lauren Taylor:

I found myself laughing as I read Mr. Disgusting’s review of TrollHunter in which he explained he was constantly laughing while he explained André Øvredal`s Norwegian film to his wife.

From that moment on, I had to see this film.

As previously reported:

In The Troll Hunter a group of students investigate a series of local bear killings that they link to a mysterious hunter. After tailing him, they soon find themselves in the middle of a “giant” government cover-up that involves keeping herds of thousand-year-old trolls in their pre-designated land.

I had the pleasure of passing on the story of this film to my 12-year-old nephew over the Easter holiday and I couldn’t help but get excited with every scene I described.

Our first encounter with a troll is incredibly, brilliantly subtle – so amazing that it makes my heart race. It starts with a simple shake of the ground which then escalates as the shrubbery begins to quake. A flash of lights. Then, suddenly, the trees begin to violently rock and the mysterious hunter, Hans, come rushing from the forest with a three headed troll pushing out after him. This then forces the group deeper into the woods to hide. The night vision scene immediately following is insane. Hans directs the three students to remain quiet with a simple finger over his lips. From there, he calmly turns and points to what appears to be a cluster of tree trunks. But, as the camera pans up, we see it is a pair of towering legs!

The overwhelming rush of emotions continue in the cave scene. As the group investigates what is more than likely a lair, they are again forced to hide as a large family of trolls return home. Fear sets in as cameraman Kalle is convinced the trolls will smell his Christian blood – and he cannot coat his skin well enough with the concentrated troll stink the Hans cooks in his caravan.

The acting by Otto Jespersen (Hans) alone is so natural, one could be convinced this could be a real documentary. I can confidently agree with the original review that The Troll Hunter finds a way to be completely engaging in each and every frame.

As this film reaches VOD and theatres soon. I encourage everyone to check it out!

Score: 5/5 Skulls



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