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Platinum Studios’ Next Adaptation: ‘Alien At Large!’



Platinum Studios and Practical Pictures have teamed to develop Platinum’s graphic novel Alien At Large! as a feature, reports Deadline. Platinum CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg is a producer on Cowboys & Aliens, and Practical Pictures partners Craig Perry and Sheila Hanahan Taylor are currently producing the final American Pie installment, American Reunion, for Universal. They also produced Final Destination 5, which will be released in August by Warner Bros and New Line.

In “Alien At Large!”, “Alien ambassador Boxavo Tan means well, but he’s dumb as a post. He has an uncanny ability to turn every situation into a catastrophe. Once he’s set on a course of action, the only thing his handlers can do is clean up the mess!

Alien at Large! is one of 5000 properties that Platinum Studios controls, you can read the entire first issue online here. Cowboys & Aliens will be released July 29 by DreamWorks and Universal. Jon Favreau directed and Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford star.


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