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Genre Writers: ‘All You Need is Kill’ and ‘Die Hard’ on an Alien Spacecraft?!

Not horror but the pitch his hands down one of the best I’ve heard all year. Paramount Pictures has purchased a sci-fi action script from Snakes on a Plane scribe John Heffernan described as Die Hard on an alien spaceship. No title or other info, but that’s all I need to get excited. Let’s just hope that Heffernan actually understands the John McClane character (unlike Len Wiseman) — our protagonist cannot be Superman…

Further into development is Warner Bros. Pictures time-travel actioner All You Need is Kill that will be rewritten by Army of the Dead‘s Joby Harold. Warners brought Doug Liman on board in August, but he may first direct Paramount’s Luna, which follows renegade scientists stealing an energy source from the moon. Set during a war against aliens, Kill centers on a new recruit caught in a time loop who wakes up in the past after having been killed on the battlefield. As the soldier’s death and resurrection repeat, his skills as a soldier grow. No actors have yet to attach.

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