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Genre Veterans Gear Up for Spring 2012 Shoot of ‘Deception’

Shooting NEXT spring is Ruben Rodriguez’s indie Deception, which is said to star Bill Moseley, Leslie Easterbrook (both from The Devil’s Rejects), Ashley Laurence (Hellraiser) and Kim Poirier (Dawn of the Dead, Decoys).

On July 13, 1994, the small, coastal Florida town of Madera Verde was christened in blood. Olivia and Victor Mendoza were caught up in the midst of a bitter litigation process. The high-profile case was about to turn over in their favor when, on the night of the town’s Founders Day celebration, they were brutally murdered. The killer was never caught.

Over a decade later, Olivia and Victor’s now grown daughters have finally been able to heal after losing both their parents in such a horrific manner. All is going well for the sisters. Katrina, the youngest of the two, is engaged to be married to her very supportive Marine boyfriend, Greg Sanders. The sisters’ world comes crashing down around them when an elusive assassin begins a reign of terror: sadistically offing those closest to them one by one. To make matters worse, Katrina’s fiancé has gone missing and ends up becoming the prime suspect.

As the hours count down to the anniversary of their parents’ deaths, the sisters rally to unravel the twisted web of betrayal, before they, too, end up dead.

You can watch the official website for updates, although it feels like this announcement is BEYOND premature.



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