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Masked Slasher Hits TV for Vengeance in ‘Idiot Gore’

Arsonist Pictures and 3 O’clock Productions has released the teaser for Joshua Hall’s upcoming horror comedy Idiot Gore, which stars Jim O’Rear, Shawn C. Phillips, Kaylee Williams, Jim Dougherty, Raymond Kester, Noah East, Bryan Wilson, Babette Bombshell, Morgan Shepard, Kitsie Duncan, Angela Steele, Julie Anne, Martin Stapleton, Mark A. Nash.

Gus Pruitt (Jim O’Rear) is a survivor. In high school, he survived a brutal massacre & went on to write numerous books on the experience & star in a reality show. Years later, Gus has fallen from best selling author to out of work writer. His once popular show has now become a trainwreck. He hits rock bottom when his show is replaced by a new, popular reality show dealing with slashers.

When the new show has a bloody run in with someone from Gus’s past, the survivors seek Gus & his crew out for help. As both crews unite & discover a masked slasher hunting them down, it’s up to Gus Pruitt to save the day!

Blood & hilarity ensue when it’s revealed Gus may not be 100% honest about who he is!!

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Idiot Gore



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